Choosing Your Neighborhood

15 Apr 2014 · TrustLarry News Team

With all of the tools available online and off for finding your new home, you can spend lots of time thinking about the type of house you want, planning how many bedrooms, what type of flooring, what appliances come with the kitchen… but before you get too far, stop and consider the neighborhood you want to live in. Think lifestyle: are you looking to be walking distance from great shopping or a quick drive away from downtown? Is a gated community with an active neighborhood association a must or are A-rated schools more important? A great thing about Fort Lauderdale is that it offers tons of amazing neighborhoods that cater to a variety of needs.


Figure Out What You Want

Start by making a list. Write down what is important to you now about where you live. Determine how long of a commute you prefer or if parking is important, and consider its impact on your lifestyle. Victoria Park is practically in the heart of everything downtown but offers smaller city lots, while a neighborhood like Coral Ridge offers larger, even waterfront lots but is located a few minutes further from downtown.

Do you care if your home is in a walkable area? Check out a potential neighborhood’s walkability. Thought about a condo? Highrises downtown and buildings to the north around the Galt Mile offer walkable grocery stores, banks, and stunning restaurants.

Determine What You Don’t Want

Along with what you desire in your neighborhood, make sure to determine what you won’t or can’t live with. So check out crime statistics, sex offender registries, and search on “noise pollution” and your city’s name to see if your potential neighborhood has noise levels rated. If you work from home and need quiet, make sure to check out potential neighborhoods for daytime noise. (Although the worst you’ll have to deal with in most Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods are the squawking parrots)

Plan For the Future

A home purchase isn’t just about what you want today, it is about what you want tomorrow and next month and next year. Check school ratings online and drive by parks. Ask  your Realtor and neighbors about the community.

Talk to a Professional

We’re here to help you through all these details, so give us a ring and let us help you find the Fort Lauderdale neighborhood that fits you perfectly.

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